Sunday, 2 February 2014

Planning for the final Assignment

Not long after I started this course I took a tourist tour around an old Victorian brewery, Harvey & Sons of Lewes. At the time I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to capture some really interesting images, the potential at Harvey's is tremendous with an amazing architecture inside and out that seems to have stood still in time. It should also be noted that Harvey's brew exceptional beer (ref: and was even visited by the Queen last year!

I contacted the joint Managing Directors with a request to photograph the building and its workers. Miles Jenner, also the Head Brewer, replied back quite cautiously stating that they get many requests from photographers to use their place of work as subject matter. After explaining my position on the phone Miles suggested I meet up with him at the brewery to discuss this further.

Walking into the brewery again was like stepping back into time, you'd half expect the barrels to be wooden and transported by horse and cart. Miles' office probably hasn't changed in a 100 years, a small room with a large leather topped desk, opposite an open coal fire, the desk surrounded by books and awards.

Miles kindly showed me work from two previous photographers, once circa 1980, a small collection of black and white images, and the other more recent from 2012  from two photographers Catherine Benson and Sarah Weal, which we talked through.

The meeting went well and Miles has agreed to let me take the images which I am delighted about. I have asked for 2 half days, the second visit allowing me to review the first days images and make and re-shoots. This is now scheduled for the 17/18 February.

I now have to write my brief for this assignment, this will be based on the notional client being a Magazine associated with brewing and the images to be used to support an article on brewing with traditional methods.

Some key pointers that I will note here for the assignment are:

1. Light is low in this building - a big consideration
2. Take shots in portrait and landscape
3. Take varying focal depth shots (wide and close up)
4. Plan ideas ahead of the visit for portraits.
5. Take my iPad so I can review some of the images on site.
6. Take everything I own photographically, you never know if I need it.
7. Review magazines and articles / images of breweries.
8. Buy the staff some cakes from the local bakery - I need to give back something......

Lets hope I do this one proud.....

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