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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Assignment 5 - Tutor Feedback

The final assignment and course is now complete. I felt that this was the best of the 5 assignments that I have delivered and the comments that came back reflected this. I worked hard to make sure the images were of the best possible quality, the areas that I concentrated on were:
  • Removal of noise with lightroom in the RAW conversion
  • Correct WB in the conversion
  • Levels of Light
I also have discovered ILFORD GALERIE Professional Smooth Pearl paper which also comes with an ICC profile for my printer. The combination of all of these has helped produced much better prints and I think I have moved on from he errors of earlier assignments.

On the comment on the hands of the master brewer not being sharp I knew that this would be raised. I took a couple versions of this shot and in both Miles Jenner was rubbing the hops with his hands, an occupational hazard I guess. In the low light I should have noticed this and asked him to keep his hands still.

I too had noticed that the flag pole had covered the 'H' in Harveys in the building shot, this I should have noticed also, ironically I have since looked at two other images from other photographers taken from the same bridge I stood on and in all three this flag pole obscures one of the letters.

I will try and see if I can get an image of a pint of beer in a pub for the final submission as I agree that it is missing to replace the black and white one. Originally I hoped to get a person drinking a pint in the tasting room but believe it or not the brewery is dry for its workers - at least until the end of the day!

I have enjoyed this course and learnt a lot, even though I have found it to be the hardest of the three so far. Looking forward to Landscapes next and moving up a level.

In the meantime these are my favourite images from each section, not all have been commented on but I will add these to my personal website when I get the time....

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Digital Story Telling

In researching artists for this OCA Module People and Place I looked and commented on the work of Daniel Meadows. Daniel uses images and video to form short picture stories, referenced as Digital Story Telling, these are very captivating. My original post can be found here.

I contacted Daniel through his website August '12 and after a couple of emails exchanged he encouraged me to create my own story. His website also gives excellent tutorials on how to create Digital Stories using Adobe Premiere Pro used when teaching at Cardiff University. Daniel also became the creative director of BBC Capture Wales  a fantastic project in partnership with Cardiff University and the BBC inviting the people of Wales to create their own digital stories.

Rough guidelines are that the story should be no more than 2 minutes, or 250 words, containing around a dozen images or so. The story should revolve around the story teller, after all it's their story.

Using the images I took from my final assignment I have created the following as my first attempt. It has been a little rushed as I am up against it for time with this course, but this will not be my last Digital Story either. Thanks for the inspiration Mr Meadows.