Saturday, 15 February 2014

Assignment 5: Defining the Brief

As part of the preparation for Assignment 5 we are to define a brief based on a notional client. The subject for this final assignment will be Harvery's Brewery in Lewes, East Sussex. Miles Jenner, the Head Brewer, has kindly agreed for me to take pictures during the brewing process next Tuesday and Wednesday.

For my notional brief I have devised the following:

Client: Master Brewer UK, an on-line subscription magazine for brewers and those in the beer trade. Income is solely through advertising.

Article: A Day in the life of a Traditional Brewer

Requirements: Capture images of the People and Place of Work of a traditional brewery. Images should be of varying focal length, portrait and landscape format. Images should capture the essence of the process and how varying people combine together to form the end product.

20 High quality images are required, from which 8 - 12 will be selected for inclusion in the magazine.

As part of some research I have found the following images relating to this subject I have rated them in order of which ones work well and which ones do not. The first has fantastic lighting and a great scene established, a wonderful  Pål Hansen.

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