Saturday, 6 April 2013

Capturing the moment

This exercise is all about capturing a moment in time. This could be a moment that is predicted or an unexpected moment in time. The art is to judge a scene and look at opportunities perhaps even waiting for opportunities.

This was not an easy exercise for me as a found my self working away from home. Having taken my camera I tried to explore opportunities but sadly the area was a central commercial city and at the weekend was rather devoid of people. The best I could do was to capture wandering lost souls like myself or some of the workers perhaps travelling home.

The first two were of a lady who was obviously herself a tourist, I first found here looking up towards a street sign and then after taking a picture of it. I captured both moments in time, what I should have also captured more clearly was the actual sign she was interested in...

Both of these were taken from across the street using  a 70mm focal length on a 1.6 crop camera.

The only other one I liked from this day was a worker waiting for a bus ride home. To me this captured a moment in time in home waiting for the bus in the background with a wait sign in the foreground counting down. Overall not one of my best days out, I think this was down to local knowledge and poor preparation  Tomorrow I have planned to go to the coast where I am hoping there will be more people.

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