Sunday, 7 April 2013

A public space

For this exercise we are to photograph people in a public space showing how the space is used. I took the same trip to the coast to explore this and on the day I concentrated more on this type of photography and I found it more comfortable and easier to obtain better images in demonstrating people and space.

Space was abundant in this resort and people were very much separated so it was obvious how people adopted their own space and how they used it. In the first image I could have zoomed in more but I wanted to give a sense of the enormous space so left this at a wide 17mm. This reminds me of 'We English' by Simon Roberts, a fantastic exploration of how we use our space in England especially around the coastal resorts, as I write I am now thinking that I should have revisited his work for more inspiration.

The lady in the image was using her iPad to take pictures of a local wedding party.

Here again are the same couple but taken after another pass later on as they gaze over to the wedding party assembling on the beach.

I took many images of the numerous life guard huts trying to capture an ideal moment in time. As no one was drowning there wasn't much to be done, but I found this one opening up her stretch of the beach and getting the hut into working order by raising the flag; this was my favorite of the afternoon, the signage demonstrating that she would soon be 'On Duty'. This image was taken at a standard length of around 60mm

The following two images I have included as they seem to contrast the day. One with open airy spaces and the other looking quite cramped 

The final image of this exercise I have included really does bring home some of Simon Roberts' work, displaying space and the use of it as a small family sets up camp with chairs next to the peer. Again the wide angle lens capturing the space and the limited use of it, portraying a pleasant family day out undisturbed.

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