Sunday, 2 March 2014

Digital Story Telling

In researching artists for this OCA Module People and Place I looked and commented on the work of Daniel Meadows. Daniel uses images and video to form short picture stories, referenced as Digital Story Telling, these are very captivating. My original post can be found here.

I contacted Daniel through his website August '12 and after a couple of emails exchanged he encouraged me to create my own story. His website also gives excellent tutorials on how to create Digital Stories using Adobe Premiere Pro used when teaching at Cardiff University. Daniel also became the creative director of BBC Capture Wales  a fantastic project in partnership with Cardiff University and the BBC inviting the people of Wales to create their own digital stories.

Rough guidelines are that the story should be no more than 2 minutes, or 250 words, containing around a dozen images or so. The story should revolve around the story teller, after all it's their story.

Using the images I took from my final assignment I have created the following as my first attempt. It has been a little rushed as I am up against it for time with this course, but this will not be my last Digital Story either. Thanks for the inspiration Mr Meadows.

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