Monday, 30 September 2013

Assignment 3 Tutor Feedback

I was generally pleased with the comments received on this assignment. Overall the composition was well received with the exception of the childrens' library. I agree that this shot has too much 'table' in it and a better shot with the camera on the table showing a child-eye view would have been better.

The remaining comments were regarding processing of the images and the printing of these. I have to admit that I have yet to find a wining combination of printer, paper and ink as well as the settings whilst printing. Having bought a new printer ahead of this assignment and have only just started to experiment, I thought the images were of a good print quality but obviously can be improved.

A lot of comments concentrated on the following image with reference to only one other image, I found this a little disappointing. My two favourites were of the pub with no comments received.

This was a hard shot to take due to the lighting conditions, reference was given to noise which I can see at 100%, this must have been introduced in the HDR process, one I need to watch out for in the future. The feedback also suggested  that their was a colour cast around the windows, this confused me a little as I cannot see one, whereas the adjusted version below has a magenta cast. However the levels on this are much brighter giving a clearer image and I can now see where the electronic version fails. Again I am struggling with getting the correct print and paper as the printed version looks fine as was commented on in the feedback. One I will try harder on for the next assignment.

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