Thursday, 30 May 2013

Assignment 2 Feedback

Some really good feedback from my latest Assignment and will some good constructive criticism. I agree with the comments that I focussed too much on the play at hand and did subconsciously try to recreate the story line and not the event itself. Indeed having a more varied number of shots showing street backgrounds, microphones and speakers etc. would have worked well, as would having the Church in the background showing the location. I looked at the professional photographer's work from the day and although I wasn't that impressed with his work it did have this shot and did have variations in styles. I big lesson to be learnt here.

I liked the crop of the crowds, focussing in on the two young actresses. I did consider cropping this image at the time, but not this crop. I think that this works really well and makes a much better image.

In many of the images there were suggestions for corrections, mainly in terms of contrast and colour cast. The tutor was trying to demonstrate how to get the images as close as possible to a natural look. However I purposely processed the images to get the look and feel I wanted, using high  contrast to give mood, and boosting the warmth of certain images. Obviously this is down to personal preference but I found some of the comments more suited to the DPP course and would have appreciated more comments of the subject matter rather than the post processing.

With that said on reflection the comments made are quite correct and something I need to pay more attention to detail on. I will certainly change the cropping on the above image and re-print for final submission.

Some excellent references though in this report for other photographers. One I will write on in my next posting!

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