Friday, 1 March 2013

Assignment Feedback

Finally Assignment 1 was complete and today I have received the feedback.

If I were to be honest I think that the points made in this report were spot on. The main problem being in framing and background distractions. This is indeed something I need to concentrate on though I do feel that I am becoming more and more aware of this but it is not second nature. Sometimes I get carried away and only see the subject and forget the backgrounds.

Also looking for additional elements or people to make a portrait more interesting is something I do tend to miss, in the following it was suggested that perhaps the right hand was playing with a phone and that would have made it more interesting.

The best image of my submission was the following which was well received. It was processed in a 1950's style which works well, but again I was let down but a rather cluttered background and didn't even notice that I have clipped a shoulder. The natural light here works well and to compensate a little.....

Some good reading material is also referenced I will endeavor to read this, though I have many books still to read from Christmas....

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