Saturday, 23 February 2013

Exercise: Eye contact & Expression

In this exercise we are tasked to explore eye contact and expression. That is eye contact with the subject and whether it is off camera or on camera. For this exercise I combined it with one of the main session for the assignment, concentrating on head / torso shots.

For most of the shots I used a static tripod moving it around from time to time and varying the focal length a little and lighting.One of the advantages I found that was talking to the subject without having to look through the lens was a lot more comfortable and easier to see and create expression, regardless if this was on or off camera.

This is definably a more creative way of performing a session that I thought went well.

My favourite image of the day was the following. I know that this does not show much of the subject but it has a candid quality to it that is quite warming and unusual. In processing I gave this a high key effect and boosted the contrast.

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