Friday, 16 November 2012

Exercise: Scale & Setting Prep

The first exercise in this course is about taking portraits in the following varying scales.

  • Close up of the face
  • Head & shoulders
  • Torso and head 
  • Full body portrait

The setting will be affected depending of the scale, for example very little will be visible on the first two types, but more so on the last two. The viewers eye will also be drawn to different parts of the images two depending on scale and it is this interpretation that is being investigated. For example in the close up the eyes will be dominant but as the portraits display more of the person then gestures made with hands will become prominent  body language revealed and in some cases the surrounding environment will become part of the interpretation of the image.

The exercise requires taking several images from the above four categories, choosing the best and critiquing them.

As I am not strong on portraiture in preparation for this exercise I first drew up a list of ideas of my own and then googled many images for each category to get more.... I was surprised that the first two types are quite limited in configuration  and my own notes had this covered. The second two were however rather bleak in my notes and the googling produced some excellent ideas.

I was really drawn towards the artist Patrick Earle [ ]  the head and full body portraits are very compelling and I plan to try and emulate some of these. Below are his examples for full bodied portraiture.

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